South of the Border Buffet  $15.95/pp
Crisp garden greens with assorted dressings, refried beans, Spanish rice and seasoned beef or chicken enchiladas, onions, cheddar cheese, salsa and tortilla chips.

Tailgate Party  $12.95/pp
Coleslaw, potato or tortilla chips and dip, sandwiches with ham, turkey and cheddar cheese, mayo and mustard. Assorted fresh baked cookies and sodas

Italian Meal  $14.95/pp
Spaghetti and meatballs with salad, assorted breads and garlic bread

Asian Delight $14.95/pp
Assorted oriental vegetable stir fry with chicken, fried or jasmine rice, egg rolls, fortune cookies and chop sticks

Holiday Menu $ 18.95/pp

Roast turkey or Smoked ham, stuffing or mashed potatoes, vegetable, gravy, cranberry sauce, rolls and butter

Country BBQ $ 12.50/ pp- one meat or $15.00/pp for two meats $ 18.00/pp for 3 meats
Pulled Pork,  chicken, pork loin, smoked sausages  with Cole slaw, baked beans and  rolls
For Pork Spare Ribs and Brisket- Add $1.50 per person

Down Home Soul Food $ 14.95
BBQ chicken, Sweet potato souflee’ or collard greens, Macaroni and cheese, and corn bread

Side Dishes

Garlic mashed potatoes

Creamy mashed potatoes with fresh

roasted garlic butter

$ 2.00/per person , ½ pan $35.00,
full pan $ 48.00


Tomato based Cajun rice dish with

smoked sausage and chicken


½ pan $52.50,

full pan $ 84.00

Red beans and rice

Southern style red beans slow cooked

to perfection served over white rice


½ pan $45.00

full pan $72.00

Sweet potato souffle’

Mashed Sweet Potatoes with spices


½ pan $52.50

full pan $84.00


Macaroni and cheese

Brown Shuga’s signature dish, real ,

homemade ,baked mac and cheese


½ pan $52.50

full pan 84.00


Collard greens

A southern classic

$3.00/ person

½ pan $45.00

full pan $72.00


Stuffed Mushrooms

Feeds 16-18 $ 45.00 /  Large $90.00

Gourmet Meatballs

Feeds 15- 18 $ 55.00 /  Large $110.00
BBQ  , Swedish  or sweet and sour

Meat and cheese Tray

5lbs- feeds 12 - 15 $55.99   Large $110.00
1lb. each of roast beef,  turkey and ham plus 8oz each of provolone, swiss and cheddar cheese

Veggie Tray

$ 75.00 small (serves 16-18) $110 .00 Large (serves32-34)
Assorted vegetables in season- pick 4 selections
Cucumbers, broccoli, carrots, peppers, celery and mushrooms

Shrimp Tray

$ 50.00 3lbs plus cocktail sauce     6lbs.$100.00

Fruit Tray

$ 75.00 small $ 110.00 Large
Various delectable fruits in season-
Such as strawberries, pineapple, apples, honeydew melon, cantaloupe, bananas and grapes.

Chicken wings

$ 8.99/lb (8 to 10 wings per pound)
Fried, Sweet and sour , Grilled or Hot and spicy


Cheese and Crackers Party Tray    

$45.00  Large $75.00
Assortment of fresh cheese and assorted crackers


Chips and Dips  

$35.00  or $65.00
Hummus, Mango Salsa, Salsa, Ranch


Homemade Cobblers

Peach , Cherry or Apple $5.00/pp

½ pan $50.00

Full Pan $100.00

A La mode - add 1.00


Lemon Layer Cake

Lemon Cake with lemon filling and a tangy lemon glaze $3.00/pp


Pecan pies-$4.95/pp

Sweet Potato pie $ 3.95/pp

Assorted Cookies $1.00/pp

Brownies $1.75/pp


Yvonne’s Southern Sweet Iced Tea- $2.00/pp

Soft Drinks, Lemonade, Punch, Coffee, Hot Tea -$1.50/ppu.​


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